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Introduction to the Ricoh Ricohmatic 225 Medium-format Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Ansco Automatic Reflex Review

This is certainly a rare find. the best TLR that America ever made.


there is one piece on sale – ebay




Ikoflex IIa Later Version – DZP Camera Cafe

Ikoflex IIa Later Version – DZP Camera Cafe.



  • This model is perhaps the most reliable one among the Ikoflex TLRs. Its design is also one of the most complicated. The design incorporates a few error-proof features that some people may say it is a bit over-designed.
  • Body condition 8. Some paint loss on the aperture and speed wheel area, which is a common issue for this model. However, this is one of the better samples among a few ikoflex tlrs that I ever had.
  • Function – perfect.
  • Lens condition – 10.
  • Comes with lens cap and original leather case
    • A few filters will in included:
    • Skylight
    • Red
    • Green
    • ND4
  • Free Shipping Worldwide. Free Handling. 

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