TLRgraphy is a blog dedicated to Twin Lens Reflex cameras and TLR photography.

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  1. Very interesting. I’ve never heard of Twin Lens Reflex cameras. I look forward to learning more through your blog. Bella

    1. Twin lens reflex cameras are fantastic… do give it a try if you love photography 🙂 worth every cent

  2. Very interesting site. I’m surprised that I have not
    stumbled onto this site since I caught the TLR bug couple of years
    ago. A lot of informative materials. Awesome site. My photos and my
    camera collection is at …

    Caribbean Parade - Ottawa 2019
    1. Man-Wei, you got a nice collection of photography work. keep it going.

  3. In preparation for an upcoming trip to Arizona, I recently had my 1973 Yashica Mat 124 G serviced. It has not been used for about 15 years. The shutter and meter are working fine and the camera looks almost new! I think I’m back in the TLR groove again. Your website is awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I have a beautiful Diacord L with working meter. The lower filter/hood mount came loose, fell off and I lost some of the tiny springs included. Does anyone know of a reliable repairman. He would have to have a supply of the missing bits and know his stuff. I had planned to use Mark Hama, he has done terrific work for me but seems to have retired.

  5. i have been offered a Rolliflex 2.8gx model 1 gold expression serial 27/30
    can anyone please tell me how much i should pay as i am clueless too price

    1. the gold verison is the limited the version. price is highly dependant on the condition of the camera. A new one is easily above USD5000

  6. Thanks for linking to my site “OrphanCameras.com” I still seem to be one the few sites left offering instruction manuals in 2019. I still find and purchase and scan manuals every week. All my scans, when possible, are in color. You can’t follow red or green lines or arrows in B&W. I updated my site to HTTPS, spent weeks changing the links to https, updating pages and started to add “other languages” to the site if the manual had them printed in the manual. In 2000 I never thought I would be “international” and only scanned the “English” pages. Around 2010 I started to scan the entire manual. Finding Rollei and other pro camera manuals in other languages is very difficult. I buy from Ebay in UK and Germany. Currently waiting for a Beautyflex Model D Instruction Manual I found in the U.K.

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