TLRgraphy is a blog dedicated to Twin Lens Reflex cameras and TLR photography.

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  1. Very interesting. I’ve never heard of Twin Lens Reflex cameras. I look forward to learning more through your blog. Bella

    1. Twin lens reflex cameras are fantastic… do give it a try if you love photography 🙂 worth every cent

  2. Very interesting site. I’m surprised that I have not
    stumbled onto this site since I caught the TLR bug couple of years
    ago. A lot of informative materials. Awesome site. My photos and my
    camera collection is at …

    1. Man-Wei, you got a nice collection of photography work. keep it going.

  3. In preparation for an upcoming trip to Arizona, I recently had my 1973 Yashica Mat 124 G serviced. It has not been used for about 15 years. The shutter and meter are working fine and the camera looks almost new! I think I’m back in the TLR groove again. Your website is awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I have a beautiful Diacord L with working meter. The lower filter/hood mount came loose, fell off and I lost some of the tiny springs included. Does anyone know of a reliable repairman. He would have to have a supply of the missing bits and know his stuff. I had planned to use Mark Hama, he has done terrific work for me but seems to have retired.

  5. i have been offered a Rolliflex 2.8gx model 1 gold expression serial 27/30
    can anyone please tell me how much i should pay as i am clueless too price

    1. the gold verison is the limited the version. price is highly dependant on the condition of the camera. A new one is easily above USD5000

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