Minolta Autocord CDS Restoration/ Repair

Below is a google translation of a japanese camera restoration website

Source: http://endoscopy.jp/moto/camera/camera_repair/minolta_cds/

I think Autocord CDS Model I released in 1965. The shutter is Citizen MVL, 1-1/500.

First machine with a built-in exposure meter Cds. In order to decompose the aperture began to wee on.


Structure is almost the same as the old code auto.

Must be removed so that it will screw (knob switching of flash and the flash bulb) parts of the arrow.

Citizen MVL shutter. Minolta A3 is the same as the shutter. Was a small amount of lubrication in particular there was no problem. Enlarged view of the shutter ishere .

Aperture clung around oil. Close call in the state of the aperture pin would fly a little more. Back on safe ground and washed with benzene


Remove the swing look funny because of the exposure meter. Aperture and shutter does not work at all in a very simple exposure meter.

A simple exposure meter individual Cds, two pieces of resistance. Are waving at right angles to the optical axis on the mirror. Improved somewhat with the cleaning of the contacts. Cds is so deteriorated that much. At a later date, will be replaced with new.

Enlargement is here

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