Rollei Factory in Germany


Adjusting the Shutter
to within 1/10,000 of a second
45 degree Perforation
Diamond Tools
The tool Storeroom
Perforating the Body
Body Polishing
Lens Polishing

Lens Testing
Lens Mounting
Galvanizing Process
The Lathe Room
Front Placement

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The Painting Process

5 responses

  1. Fantastic! I’ll need to share this with a friend who loves his Rollei

    1. Yep.. Pls do so:) for rollei lovers

      1. Unfortunately, the layout has overlapping images. It’s a bit hard to read the text

      2. I am working in that. Thanks

  2. Fantastic,i have never owned a rolleiflex,but always loved the camera and its looks,its a wonderfull camera,keep up the good work

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