Seagull 4A-107 TLR Review

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For Valentine’s Day 2002 my ever-indulgent wife got me a new camera: a Seagull model 4A-107 TLR (Twin Lens Reflex). All I got her was a boquet of roses, a little Teddy Bear with a balloon and candy, and a 3-stone diamond necklace.

A Twin Lens Reflex camera is an older style camera with two lenses (thus the name). The top lens is the one you look through, the bottom one is the one the film sees through. This was a popular design way back when. The Seagull is a current-production Chinese copy of a Rollei design from back in the 1920’s or so. Rollei still makes a version of this camera, the 2.8GX. There are a few minor differences between the Rollei and the copy, the two most important being that, with the copy you take part in the QC process – it’s not uncommon to have to go through a camera or two to get a good one. But, since the other big difference is that the Rollei is literally 10 times the price, it’s worth a little hassle.

This is a quick gallery of some shots from the first few rolls I ran through my new toy, plus a few pictures of it (taken with my wife’s camera, a Canon Elph)

If you’d like to know more about the Seagull, you can find it at most online camera stores, go to the U.S. importer’s home page – Phoenix America, or send me an email at

You can click on any of the thumbnails to go to a frame-by-frame gallery at a slightly larger size. In the frame-by-frame gallery, clicking the picture takes you to the next one.
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via A quick look at my newest camera – a Seagull 4A-107 TLR.

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