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Photographers Max & Douglas shooting Roberto Saviano backstage | Hasselblad tv

Photographers Max & Douglas shooting Roberto Saviano backstage | Hasselblad tv.

Arctic Wonderland by Sarah Anne Johnson

Arctic Wonderland by Sarah Anne Johnson « eMORFES.


Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson

Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson created her series “Arctic Wonderland” after completing a residency on board a double-masted schooner in the Norwegian territory of the Arctic Circle. Each of the twelve days at sea the group visited a different site on land, ranging from untouched vistas of pure landscape to abandoned mining camps. Left with only calendar-quality photographs, she wondered how to capture how she felt about her experience that had been outside of the camera’s frame…

“I figured out I can add that in – I can paint that in. All my worries, all my concerns, and all my hopes and fears of the future of this place, I can paint it right on.”

Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson1
Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson2
Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson3
Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson4
Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson5
Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson7
Arctic-Wonderland-Sarah-Anne Johnson8

All images © Sarah Anne Johnson