Who is shooting with the Rolleiflex Gold Edition?

rolleiflex gold edition

To commemorate the brand’s pioneering achievements in camera manufacturing, Franke & Heidecke is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the legendary twin-lens reflex with a limited edition Rolleiflex pack in gold. The company was started by Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke, whose names have become synonymous with the golden age of twin-lens reflex cameras. The limited, special edition set comprises three cameras – Rolleiflex 4.0 FW, 2.8 FX and 4.0 FT. Only 80 sets of this special edition with 14-carat gold-plated trimmings will be made. Each set will be supplied in a precious walnut-wood presentation case that also accommodates the accessories supplied, such as the CNC-milled lens hoods and filter adapters. A booklet will inform the reader about 80 years of camera history and also includes a short description of the most important twin-lens camera models from 1929 up to the present. The unique camera set for Rolleiflex friends, numbered from 1 to 80, will be available from late 2008 under Cat. No. 80888, for a price of EUR 29,000 ($37,765) each.














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  1. I sell this set in my store for much less actually 🙂 They are beautiful cameras!
    Did you know that you can order your own FX, FW, or FT TLR with your own custom design. You can choose leather color, metal trim plating color – chrome, gold, or platinum, create a custom engraved identity plate, and even select your serial number.
    Rolleiflex USA

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