Rollei Micro-Tube and Micro-Prism



Ultra-Rare and Collectible Rollei Accessory – Rollei Micro-Tube and Micro-Prism
Listed is a complete set of Rollei Bay I Micro-Tube and Micro-Prism in their original boxes made by Rollei Germany.
Have you ever wonder how scientists and researchers make photos of things that our eyes barely can see? especially using a Rolleiflex camera, which was the most desirable camera half a century ago?
This is the particular accessory they used to mount a Rolleiflex or Rolleicord camera to the Microscope to photograph the tiny tiny things 🙂
This complete set consists of two accessories:
Rollei Micro-Tube, This accessory itself alone can be used to mount rolleiflex camera on microscope to take photos. then why need a Micro-Prism?
Rollei Micro-Prism, this is basically used as a viewfinder. the micro-tube mount the taking lens to the microscope viewfinder, this the viewing lens on the rolleiflex camera won’t be functional anymore. The micro-prism could be installed between the micro-tube and the microscope viewfinder to functional as a viewfinder.
Both of these accessories are extremely rare. Personally I don’t think Rollei ever made many of these. Perhaps even much letter than Rollei-wide TLR or Rollei-tele TLR.

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