Some Unique Rolleiflex Accessories



Rollei made lots of interesting accessories for the later models, including:

  • The Rolleimeter: Do you prefer rangefinder focus? Rollei made a gismo called a Rolleimeter that affixes to the front of the open sports finder. There is a focus-spot in the center of a clear piece of glass that lets you align a double-image, just like an M-Leica!

A Rolleimeter for sale:


  • The Rolleikin: This is an adapter that allows you to use 35mm film in the Rollei. Why, you ask? Well, the 80mm lens is perfect for portraits in 35. And as you are only using the ‘sweet spot’ of the lens, the results are remarkable.

We have two Rolleikins for sale:

  • Stereo Adapter: A slide bar that lets you take stereo-pairs for 3d photography.

A rare stereo adapter for sale:


  • Panoramic Mount: Camera rotates to up to 10 click-detents with frames barely overlapping.

A minty in box panorama head for sale:


  • Binocular Focusing Hood: Focus on the ground glass with both eyes. Great for use in bright surroundings. Get you lots of strange looks, too.
  • Mutars: Since you can’t change lenses on a Rollei, you simply add them!  A wide angle and telephoto lens was available.
Rollei also had special camera models with a permanently affixed wide angle or telephoto lens.The wide angle has a Zeiss 55mm Distagon f4.0 lens and a special sports finder that shows the wider field of view.
This is one of my favorite cameras. Razor sharp, light and build like a tank.The Tele Rollei has a 135mm Zeiss Sonnar f4.0. lens. Great portrait lens, but only focused down to two meters (which is why the next photo shows the nifty swing-away close focus adapter!).
Rollei TLR’s became a bit more modernized with the advent of the GX models in 1987. Though basically the same camera, they added an LED light meter to the viewfinder and SCA system TTL flash capability.

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