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Famous Photographer using Rolleiflex TLR

Here is an incomplete list

Irving Penn

Richard Avedon

Robert Doisneau

John Gutmann

Fritz Henle

Eduard Boubat

Lee Miller

Diane Arbus

Imogene Cunningham

Robert Capa

Bert Stern

Lennart Nilsson

Werner Bischof

Bruce Davidson

Norman Wisdom

Leo Matiz

Vivian Maier

Self-Portrait with Rolleiflex (2)

People with Yashica D

via People with Yashica D – a gallery on Flickr.

I managed to get a small collection of photos about people/ photographers with their beloved Yashica D Tlr, which is my first TLR. Always have a deep emotion in it… amazed by the fantastic results it could produce. very reliable but light-weight TLR, one of the biggest success of Yashica during 1970s.