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Buying TLR on Ebay

I read about Roland’s article this morning on buying guide of cameras on ebay. Personally I like the translation guide at the end of the article


“This camera is maybe sixty years old but looks as if it were bought yesterday” – “I’ve lost my glasses”.

“I am not an expert on cameras, but” = “I am feigning ignorance so that I can sell you trash and not refund your money”.

“No returns” = “I am selling trash”.

“This photograph is of a similar camera. The camera I am selling is BETTER than this” – “I’ve got some junk to sell and I’m looking for an extremely stupid person to buy it”.

“Lens is slightly cloudy/milky but should be easy to clean” = “There is fungus on the lens and maybe in the balsam. The lens is ruined”.

“Paint missing in some places typical for a camera of this age” = “The camera needs a respray”.

“Signs of retouching” = “Extensively retouched and done badly at that”.

“Slow speeds seem a bit tardy/hesitant” = “Shutter needs a service”.

“Should be easy to fix” = “I can’t fix it. You won’t be able to fix it. Maybe nobody can fix it”.

“Has been stored for a long time” = “Internally filthy and may need dismantling and require a professional clean”.

“Case needs some restitching” = “Case is falling apart at the seams”.

“Lens has a slightly sepia look” = “This lens has a lanthanum element with radioactive thorium added and will get more opaque as time goes on”.

“Pictures have an appealing soft look” = “Lens is no good”.