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Rolleinar: the most handy and must-have Rollei / Rolleiflex accessories

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Rolleinars are simple close-up lenses mounted in front of both TLR lenses for close focuring. In Europe Rolleinars can easily be found on camera fairs. They come in pairs as Rolleinar 1, Rolleinar 2 and Rolleinar 3 for Rollei bayonet sizes I, II, and III in neat leather pouches. The Rolleinar for the viewing lens includes a prism to correct for parallax error and shows a red dot for mounting. An earlier model had the prism as a separate part, so a complete set of this model would consist of three parts. When buying, make shure you get all the parts you need.

It is not uncommon for the data sheets of the Rolleinars to be lost. You will find the information below.

Object distances when using Rolleinars on a Rolleiflex TLR
Depth of field table Rolleiflex TLR 3.5/75 mm
Depth of field table Rolleiflex TLR 2.8/80 mm
Depth of field table Tele-Rolleiflex
Depth of field table Wide-angleRolleiflex
Depth of field table Baby Rolleiflex TLR 4×4

by doistrakh

Feet 3
NEW Feet 3
by ZJeJ

Feet 2


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