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Photography Composition – Teacher’s Guide

Photography Composition – Teacher’s Guide


Pretty simple and good materials on how to compose. Give it a try and you will like it.

– Tlrgraphy

Buying TLR on Ebay

I read about Roland’s article this morning on buying guide of cameras on ebay. Personally I like the translation guide at the end of the article


“This camera is maybe sixty years old but looks as if it were bought yesterday” – “I’ve lost my glasses”.

“I am not an expert on cameras, but” = “I am feigning ignorance so that I can sell you trash and not refund your money”.

“No returns” = “I am selling trash”.

“This photograph is of a similar camera. The camera I am selling is BETTER than this” – “I’ve got some junk to sell and I’m looking for an extremely stupid person to buy it”.

“Lens is slightly cloudy/milky but should be easy to clean” = “There is fungus on the lens and maybe in the balsam. The lens is ruined”.

“Paint missing in some places typical for a camera of this age” = “The camera needs a respray”.

“Signs of retouching” = “Extensively retouched and done badly at that”.

“Slow speeds seem a bit tardy/hesitant” = “Shutter needs a service”.

“Should be easy to fix” = “I can’t fix it. You won’t be able to fix it. Maybe nobody can fix it”.

“Has been stored for a long time” = “Internally filthy and may need dismantling and require a professional clean”.

“Case needs some restitching” = “Case is falling apart at the seams”.

“Lens has a slightly sepia look” = “This lens has a lanthanum element with radioactive thorium added and will get more opaque as time goes on”.

“Pictures have an appealing soft look” = “Lens is no good”.

Rollei TLR Price Guide

These Rollei TLRs aged between 20 to 90 years old. Market price depends heavily on its production quantity and conditions. Generally speaking, the 2.8 versions are much more expensive than 3.5 versions. Rolleiflex models are generally more expensive than Rolleicord models.

you may find a priceguide at antiquecameras.net


I will update my own price guide here in a few days – only about the popular models.