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Rolleinar 2 Bay I Instruction Manual

Just got a fresh new Rolleinar 2 in its original leather case and box. the manual is like new. I scanned a copy and share with all of you in case you might be confused of how to use rolleinar 🙂


Feel free to share or press or do anything with this post 🙂

for use: first attache teh thin rolleinar to the taking lens (then, if required, other optical accessories in the follwing order: Rolleisoft, Filter, Lens Hood. ) Finally, attach the Heidosmat Rolleinar to the viewing lens Heidosmat, red dot up. To install: insert the rolleinar into the inner bayanet mount of the lens and turn to the right until it clicks into position.


Focusing is accomplished as suual on the focusing screen. Rolleinars require no increase of exposure. The depth-of-field always being rather limited at close range, the use of smaller diaphragm openings is recommended