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Minolta Autocord MVX Restoration/ Repair

Blow is another instruction of Minolta Autocord Restoration/ repair.

Please pardon the english. This is a direct translation done by google translate.


But is coming off the front plate and twin-lens reflex Kapa~tsu peels the skin of ordinary table, removing a few screws, this is a little different.

They can get the cover is only eight of the letter.

I opened the shutter anyway.

Only this part is coming off. In order to remove the front plate there is a need to remove the shutter.

  • Wait and see and lubricate all moving parts of the shutter.Although there is no inconvenience has occurred so far, and Choi worry.
  • Bad feeling are likely to need to open the head section.
  • Thorough restoration of the shutter.
Again because decomposition symptom that sometimes non-charge

  • Repair bete noire of the twin-lens reflex is that they peel off the outside leather. Had been replaced with synthetic leather firm this individual been removed once already.

  • I opened a very clean. Accuracy of the parts is much better compared to the flex Aires. I fall a little compared with the Rolleiflex.
  • This large image here in the.

Symptoms were reproduced Fortunately turn off the shutter and have persistently put a dummy film. It is trapped in here there is a slight dent in this part of the arrow of the cam.

  • Revealed after polishing by hand and see a different angle.
  • Formatted with a diamond file, was finished in the compound.
August 5, 2004

Got a junk auto code of one another. There is not enough trouble stroke of the shutter charge.

  • Ring is listed in this order from left to right. For the charge for the shutter lock, second from left is the rightmost.
  • Correct behavior is OK with pliers.
  • This trouble was encountered in the auto code then the number of units.
  • It may be that there is a screw to adjust the stroke at the side version, has been cleared by covering the pipe outer diameter of 3.5mm brass lever on the shutter.

  • Helicoid structure is exactly the same as let flexors.
  • Meopta web site of 1948 was the launch of the flexors Let II and see. On the other hand, the design of the Minolta staff may have been referring to the flexors let to think that it was released Autocord MXS is the first of 1955.

Auto code Mushiritora the hull. Broken up and crispy when the material of the skin peel off the synthesis of this era is not well.

  • Caused the pattern to scan Hagase so miraculously well.Let’s print out and use it because the two gray scale GIF images.
  • I I need to be a decent PDF files in Illustrator to trace someone (mode justification by faith)
  • Please forest was to trace and if you write the @ sama Osaka. Thank you. Please use the How to come here.For the top must match the actual products. PDF file Kawaha auto code
  • Be a bit short up and down Why do not you print the PDF file. (300dpi) image scan of the actual source of information
  • .

Affixed to the print cut synthetic leather.

  • Let me patrol the 100-yen shop, so put some good material and variety.
  • This is finished using the binders of the 100 yen shop.

Leather paste this might be more


Minolta Autocord RA Restoration/ Repair

Below is a google translation of a japanese camera restoration page.

Source: http://endoscopy.jp/moto/camera/camera_repair/minolta_autocord_ra/

Seiko Optical Chiyoda: Minolta auto code RA (Minolta Autocord RA) restoration of
RA auto code released in 1957. Caught in (4x5cm) format 4x4cm When you replace a gear in addition to 6×6. 120 film is a film of the normal course.

January 22, 2005

Goods is falling. Aperture shutter dial does not work even for the front plate is distorted violently. Focusing knob was broken.

Serial No.152692.

The deformation is intense, strange lens was intact.

The lens view View-Rokkor 1:3.2 f = 75mm N0.1919230, take the lens CHIYOKO Rokkor 1:3.5 f = 75mm No.2009864.

Almost sloppy. Drop it like this guy at the auction … you’ll surely foolish. It was also 5,000 yen (laughs)

Remove the gear will remove the front plate. Cause a great deal of trouble later on If you do not engage a note of the point.

Rapidly removed like this.Decomposed to where each part is washed with benzene.

Also deviate Purakaba of f-stop shutter.

After this, Tatakidashi the front plate.

Auto code feature of RA. Is so as to correspond to the 6×6, 4×4, 4×5 is that you replace the counter gear and mask aperture.

This individual is to take 18 pieces of gear equipped for 4x4cm (4x5cm).

Easily deviate in this way.

Focusing knob is created using a plastic spacer.

Was equipped with a mask for 4×5 (cm). But it will remove this and 6×6, and 4×5 machine only to find a counter gear, since it is impossible for the 6×6.

Citizen MXV shutter is (B, 1, 2, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400). Disassembly and cleaning formulas and exit as

. To feeding was also perfectly infinity without problems, but there was a severe deformation due to falling.

To focus the glass line of 4x4cm (4x5cm) is turned on.Mirror surface is bought at the shop kaleidoscope wayto replace some of the new mirror .

Put on a synthetic leather finish end to the front plate.

On the classification of auto code Minolta Autocord Twin Lens Reflex familiar with.

In the film feed is working without problems 4cmx5cm size.

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