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How to use a Rolleimeter

Purpose: An optical coupled range finder for use with the direct view finder of the Rolleiflex particularly suitable when shooting sports or flash pictures in poor light,

Description: The Rolleimeter uses the superimposed image principle and is actuated by and coupled to the moving front panel of the camera. It is attached to the nameplate directly in front of the direct view finder. A vertical glass rod with focusing spot far the two images can be seen when lacking through the tinder. Focusing the camera by superimposing the two images so that the outlines exactly coincide insures sharp focus. Framing and focusing are accomplished while looking through the tinder, without making the eye train one position to another.

Before using the Rolleimeter two simple adjustments are required:

1. A one time adjustment of the actuating lever (screw a) to suit the focal length of the lens employed.

2. Adjustment of the lever button (screw b) so that the range finder indicates sharp focus at infinity (oo) when the camera is in focus at the same distance. This adjustment should be rechecked from time to time.

The Ciro-flex TLR



The Ciro-flex was a series of 6×6 TLRs made by the American manufacturer Ciro beginning circa 1941. All share a strong resemblance, with uncoupled red window film advance and Wollensak lenses & shutters. By using a slightly longer-than-normal 85mm focal length, sharpness in the corners of the 2¼×2¼-inch image remained adequate even with a less-expensive triplet lens design.

The earliest model A’s were built in Detroit, Michigan; and “ciro-flex” appears uncapitalized on the nameplate. Post-WWII production resumed with the models B ( with an Alphax shutter) and C (Rapax shutter). By 1947 the company had relocated to Delaware, Ohio.

  • Ciro-flex Model A
  • Ciro-flex Model B
  • Ciro-flex Model C
  • Ciro-flex Model D
  • Ciro-flex Model E
  • Ciro-flex Model F — the highest-spec Ciro-flex, it included an f/3.2, four-element Wollensak Raptar 83mm lens

After Graflex bought out Ciro’s camera lines, the Ciro-flex design continued with some minor changes as the Graflex 22.




for some repair or restoration tips of Ciro-flex TLR, Please visit: http://pheugo.com/cameras/index.php?page=ciroflex


Various Repair Manuals for Classic Cameras CLA

Here are the Instructions / Guides / Manual you may need on How to Repair / Restore / DIY / CLEAN, LUBRICATE, AND ADJUST


I am always passionate about film photography and classic film cameras, especially medium format twin lens reflex cameras. I have been self servicing and repairing my camera collection for quite a few years.


With a growing collection of cameras, over the years, I have also accumulated quite a big collection of camera repair guides and manuals. With these instructions, I managed to repair and service the majority of my cameras.


Majority of these materials were purchased either online or from camera repair shops. Its a big investment in time and effort.



Why spend hundreds of $ or even much more to get it serviced or repaired by camera shops?


Why not spend $9.99 and try it out by yourself first?


With proper tools and these manuals, you will sure be able to do it.


Camera Repair, Service CLA, and Restoration General Guide and Instructions:


US$9.99: Basic Training in Camera Repair


US$9.99: Camera Maintenance and Repair – Fundamental Techniques, A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide 


US$9.99: Camera Maintenance & Repair – Advanced Techniques 


US$9.99: Restoring Classic & Collectible Cameras 



Repair and Service Guide for Specific Cameras or Lenses




US$9.99: Canon 7 Camera Service and Repair Guide


US$9.99: Canon A-1 Repair Guide


US$9.99: Canon AE-1, AL-1 and AT-1 Camera Service and Repair Guide


US$9.99: Canon Dial 35 Repair Manual


US$9.99: Canon F-1 SLR Camera Service & Repair Guide


US$9.99: Canon FTb, TLB and EF SLR Camera Service & Repair Guide


US$9.99: Canon T50 / T70 / T70 Camera Service and Repair Guide


US$9.99: Canon Canonet G-III 17 Repair Manual


US$9.99: Canon VIT / VIL / P rangefinder camera Service/ Repair Manual





US$9.99: Contaflex I, II, III and IV Service and Repair Guide / Manual


US$9.99: Contax RX Camera Service and Repair Guide


US$9.99: Contax 139 Quartz Repair Manual





US$9.99: Hasselblad Accessories Service Manual


US$9.99: Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Lenses Service / Repair Manual


US$9.99: Hasselblad 201F 202FA Service Manual


US$9.99: Hasselblad 203FE / 205 FCC / 205 TCC Service Manual


US$9.99: Hasselblad 503cw / 501C / 503CX / 503CXi / 500CM / 501CM Service Manual


US$9.99: Hasselblad 555ELD / 553 ELX / 500ELX Service Manual


US$9.99: Hasselblad 903SWC Service Manual





US$9.99: Leica iiif service manual


US$9.99: Leica M2 Repair Training Manual




US$9.99: Mamiya C220 Professional TLR Camera


US$9.99: Minolta Autocord Cds III TLR Service/ Repair Manual


US$9.99: Mamiya RB67 Pro-S and RZ67 Service / Repair Manual / Guide




US$9.99: Minolta X-300 and X-700 Repair Manual


US$9.99: Minolta SRT 101 Repair Manual


US$9.99: Minolta XE / XG SLR Repair Manual Package




US$9.99: Nikon 35 Ti QD Repair Manual


US$9.99: Nikon F, F2, F3, F4, F5, F Finder and F3 Finder Repair Manual


US$9.99: Nikon F50 / F60 /F70 / F80 / F90 Repair Manual Package


US$9.99: Nikon FA / FE / FM SLR Repair Manual Package


US$9.99: Nikon D2Hs Repair Manual


US$9.99: Nikon D40, Nikon D50 and Nikon D200 Repair Manual


US$9.99: Nikon D700 DSLR Camera Service Manual


US$9.99: Nikon SB-800 Flash Service Manual


US$9.99: Nikon SB-900 Flash Service Repair Manual


US$9.99: Nikkormat EL / FTN SLR Repair Manual Package





US$9.99: Olympus XA Repair Service Manual with Exploded View


US$9.99: Olympus OM-1 Camera Service Repair Manual


US$9.99: Olympus OM-4 Camera Service Repair Manual


US$9.99: Olympus OM10 Repair / Service Manual / Guide





US$9.99: Pentax 195 / K1000/ MX/Spotmatic/ Me / MZ5 SLR Repair/Service Manual Package


US$9.99: Pentax 67 (6×7) Service / Repair Manual / Guide




US$9.99: Polaroid 100, 200 and 300 series automatic pack land camera Service Manual


US$9.99: Prontor Shutters




US$9.99: Ricoh-XR7-Repair-Manual


Rollei, Rolleiflex and Rolleicord


US$9.99: Rollei 35 Rangefinder Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleicord Va Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleicord Vb Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleiflex 2.8E Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleiflex 2.8F Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleiflex 3.5 (Including E2 and E3, Not including 2.5F) TLR Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleiflex 3.5F TLR Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rollei SL35 Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleiflex 44 TLR Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rolleiflex Tele and Wide TLR Repair Manual


US$9.99: Rollei Parts Repair Manual – Crank, Hood, Back, focus knob and front panel


US$9.99: Rollei Magic II TLR Service Manual





US$9.99: Yashica Electro 35 Service Repair Manual


US$9.99: Yashica Mat 124G Service and Repair Manual: Assembly Chart


US$9.99: Yashica FX3 and FX7 Repair Manual



Zenza Bronica


US$9.99: Zenza Bronica ETRSi Repair Manual