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How to use a Rolleimeter

Purpose: An optical coupled range finder for use with the direct view finder of the Rolleiflex particularly suitable when shooting sports or flash pictures in poor light,

Description: The Rolleimeter uses the superimposed image principle and is actuated by and coupled to the moving front panel of the camera. It is attached to the nameplate directly in front of the direct view finder. A vertical glass rod with focusing spot far the two images can be seen when lacking through the tinder. Focusing the camera by superimposing the two images so that the outlines exactly coincide insures sharp focus. Framing and focusing are accomplished while looking through the tinder, without making the eye train one position to another.

Before using the Rolleimeter two simple adjustments are required:

1. A one time adjustment of the actuating lever (screw a) to suit the focal length of the lens employed.

2. Adjustment of the lever button (screw b) so that the range finder indicates sharp focus at infinity (oo) when the camera is in focus at the same distance. This adjustment should be rechecked from time to time.

Rollei Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Index

Twin Lens Reflex

Repair Your TLRs: DIY

very illustrative TLR repair notes by http://rick_oleson.tripod.com/


Source: tripod.com


Since this subject comes up a lot, I’ve finally decided to add a sort of generic TLR page. The sketches below show how to reach and service the shutter of the Rolleiflex 2.8C. Many other TLRs are generally similar in construction, and these notes will be useful to a greater or lesser extent (Please scroll down for notes on the Yashica Mat and Minolta Autocord). The first step, generally speaking, is to remove the leather from the front lens panel so that you can reach the screws to get started.

Here are some variations on the theme for the Yashica Mat:

…. and for the Minolta Autocord:

Have a Ciro-Flex with a sticky shutter? You’re really in luck! You can unscrew the front lens cell with your fingers, and reach the star wheel and pallet without even lifting a screwdriver:

A drop of lighter fluid on these and you’re back on the road.