Autocord, Diacord and Yashica TLR, which one will you choose

Flickr: Discussing Autocord (which one), Diacord G or Yashica Mat? in TLR.

here are some interesting and useful discussions on comparison between Minolta Autocord, Yashica Mat, and Ricoh Diacord.


I have not used an diacord before.

If you let me choose, I will most probably choose the Yashica Mat.


2 responses

  1. I’ve had and used all of them. The original non-metered
    Autocord with 1/500s shutter, a Ricoh Diacord L and a couple of
    different YashicaMats. Of these three my favorite camera was the
    Autocord based on the image quality alone. Still, I only use a
    Rolleicord V these days.

    1. Along this range of TLR, my preference would be Yashica D. Autocord is very good too. I tend to use mamiya tlr and Rolleiflex more often 🙂

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