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Ikophot Exposure Meter – Made by Zeiss Ikon

Most of the TLRs do not come with built-in meter.

For TLRs come with built-in meter, most of these may not fully functional due the its age, or some functional but may not be accurate.

In these cases, a good exposure is very useful.

Managed to got a e-copy of Zeiss Ikon Ikophot exposure meter instructional manual, free download here.

IKOPHOT Instructions For Use

Display your TLR Collection

Olsson at buy120film talks about 10 inspirational ways to display antique cameras. I am sure it is much more impressive for TLRs than any other type of cameras to be displayed.

Source: http://www.buy120film.com/blog/display-your-vintage-camera-collection/


It’s about time to get your pretty vintage cameras out the boxes and onto the shelves. Don’t only use them to take photos – use them to decorate your home as well! Here are ten awesome ideas to get you started.

Which one is your favourite?

Vintage Minolta Autocord Advertisement

vintage everyday: Vintage Minolta Camera Advertising.

Pretty cool blog post on vintage camera advising. see how TLR was advised 40-60 years ago!