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Mamiya TLR V.S. Rolleiflex TLR

Some discussions on the comparison of the two systems.


I agree about the 220 vs the 330’s. The 220’s are much lighter and still have almost all the functionality of the 330’s with the exception of the self-cocking shutter, and some of the interchangable backs. Don’t remember if it had the multi-exposure switch either, and it also didn’t have the parallex indicator in the view finder. For that, I did some test shooting and left small colored marks on the viewfinder for estimated top of frames and corresponding marks on the bellows. Those items aside, it was superior in my mind due to the weight factor. I could back pack in a day pack with a C220, 80mm and 250mm and have a lighter system than my Nikon F2 and comparable lenses. And I kept a Luna Pro meter around my neck regardless of the camera I used so that was a given in any situation. So, I would highly recommend a C220. Especially when you can pick it up with a couple of extra lenses for the price of a C330 and 1 80mm lens.


I’ve used several twin lens cameras, and the Rollei’s do have something special. The problem is that they are getting old now, and will require a going over to maintain the reliability. The better models are also collectable, like the “f” series cameras that can take the prism finders. This drives the prices up. Many folks on photo.net seem to think the Minolta Autocords are the best deal right now. They are well built, have great lenses and bright finders, and sell for $200 top for a real beauty. Do a search as there is a ton of info in the archives.


The Mamiya is somewhat more difficult to shoot handheld than smaller TLR’s like the Rolleiflex, as it’s bigger and heavier. I usually mount my C330f on a tripod and go from there. As for sharper, depends on the lens. Rollei will definitely outperform the 135mm lens, but may itself be outdone by the 105mm f/3.5 DS and 180mm f/4.5 Super.

And yes, there’s the obvious issue of lens choice. Getting a Rollei with 75mm standard lens won’t be that expensive; in face, you may end up paying more for a C330f or C330s with a black 80mm lens. But you’ll definitely pay less for the Mamiya 55mm f/4.5 wide and 180mm f/4.5 Super ($400 each mint, or less) than for Rolleiwide and Tele Rollei (over $2000 each).

Minolta Autocord RG, 3rd Version

Minolta Autocord RG, 3rd Version – YouTube.

Vanishing Railroad

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