Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex Cameras


850/16 Ikoflex 1934-37 f6.3 or 4.5/80 Novar Compur-Rapid,Klio, Derval “coffee can” model, lever focus 1936, knob focus after 1936

850/16 Ikoflex 1 1939-51 f3.5/75 Tessar Compur, Klio,Prontor S same as Ikoflex II from 1937-39 (851/16)

851/16 Ikoflex II 1936-39 f3.8 CZJ Triotar or f3.5/75 Tessar Compur-Rapid lever focus in 1937, knob focus after ’37, continued as Ikoflex I (850/16) after 1939

851/16 Ikoflex II 1939-51 f3.5/70 Novar or f3.5/75 Tessar Prontor similar to Ikoflex II of 1937-39

854/16 Ikoflex Ia 1952-56 f3.5/70 Novar or f3.5/70 Tessar Prontor shutter release located on top next to viewfinder

856/16 Ikoflex Ib 1956-58 f3.5/75 Novar or f3.5/75 Tessar Prontor improved version of 1a, shutter release located on side next to taking lens

856/16 1956-60 f3.5/75 Novar or f3.5/75 Tessar Prontor metered version of 1b

852/16 Ikoflex II/III 1950-52 f3.5/75 Tessar or f3.5/75 Triotar Compur-Rapid or Compur new style Ikoflex II after 1939

855/16 Ikoflex IIa 1950-52 f3.5/75 Tessar Compur-Rapid early version with peep window on each side of taking lens. film advance does not automatically cock shutter.

855/16 Ikoflex IIa 1953-56 f3.5/75 Tessar Compur-Rapid restyled version with peep windows directly over viewing lens. film advance automatically cocks shutter

853/16 Ikoflex III 1939-40 f2.8/80 Tessar Compur-Rapid Albada finder

887/16 Ikoflex Favorit 1957-60 f3.5/75 Tessar Synchro-Compur LVS light meter, last Ikoflex

* Filters and Lens Shades: The Ikoflex Cameras, with the exception of the “coffee can” use 35.5mm screw in or 37mm push on filters and/or adapter rings over the taking lens. The viewing lens takes either a Zeiss S27 (27mm screw in) or 28.5mm push on filter. Original Zeiss Filters and shades are extremely hard to find these days.

via Zeiss Ikon Photography.

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