Review of Light Meters

if you are a TLR lover, you probably own a light exposure meter or you are in the middle of searching for a good meter.

below is a review of some common light meters used in photography

Sekonic l-758

Sekonic l758

The first light meter to be able to calibrate to your camera settings. A great meter. Cont…

Sekonic l358

Sekonic l-358

The Sekonic L-358 Flash Master has the perfect blend of excellent features, user-friendly functions and affordability combined in one light meter. Cont…

Sekonic L-398a

Sekonic l398a

A Classic designed analogue light meter for battery-free ambient light readings, incident or reflected. Light readings in an inexpensive, compact, design. Cont…

Gossen Digisix

Gossen Digisix

The Gossen Digisix Ultra Compact Digital and Analog Incident and Reflected Light Meter delivers accuracy and reliability in a compact, portable package. Cont…

Gossen digipro F

Gossen Digipro F

The Gossen Digipro F is a light meter for measuring ambient and flash light. It will measure in either incident or reflected light modes. The mid-priced meter is great for both the professional photographer and the Cont…

polaris dual 5 meter

Polaris Dual 5 Meter

The highly sensitive instruments allow for accurate readings that can assist in fine tuning any photo shoot. Although the Dual 5 is a professional quality tool Cont…


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