DIY Light meter without battery

Not for commercial use. DOWNLOAD HERE: Exposure Mat

Assembly Instructions

1 Print on 140 gsm card stock.

2 Lightly score fold lines A & B in 1.

3 Cut out centre rectangle from 1 using a craft knife and ruler.

4 Cut out 1 using craft knife and ruler.

5 Carefully fold 1 at A and B.

6 Cut out 2 using craft knife and ruler.

7 Assemble by sliding 2 into 1, check fit and adjust by timming bottom edge of 2 if neccesary.

8 Sparingly apply glue to marked section of 1, fold and leave to dry.

9 When dry slide 2 into 1 and follow use instructions.



Use Instructions

1 Align film speed with Exposure Value at top of window.

2 Read possible Aperture / Shutter Speed combinations at bottom of window.


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