Its a dream to have one set of these


A special edition for passionate customers

In 2008, Franke & Heidecke celebrated the 80 Years of Rolleiflex with a limited edition of Rolleiflex packed completely in gold. For such a special anniversary you need to celebrate in a special way the long history of the twin-lens reflex.

Rolleiflex was created by Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke. Their contribution to the history of photography and more specifically, to the history of the professional lenses is obvious.

Each of these cameras was made at the Brunswick factory, in Germany.

The special edition, produced in a limited version includes three of the famous cameras of the company: Rolleiflex 4.0 FW, 2.8 FX and 4.0 FT. All of three items contain the serial number PROTOTYPE. A number of special set of 80 kits contains 14-carat gold plated trimmings. Each precious kit of Rolleiflex is enclosed in a walnut wood case and Bordeaux Nappa leather covering. In the same kit you can find as well CNC milled lens hoods as well as filter adapters and lens caps.

If you did not know enough about the company, a well designed booklet is aimed to present at large the history of the company with a special focus on the history of the Rolleiflex.

The unique camera set for Rolleiflex friends, was numbered from 1 to 80. The initial price was about $37,765. Nowadays, you can find the precious walnut cases with around $33.500, very often distributed on eBay.

You might probably think that such an investment is almost outrageous. However, if you are passionate about photography it is an offer that you can hardly resist. The items of the case can be used in various professional contexts. In case that you want only to keep them as a valuable trophy, you can do it. The specialists recommend a basic checking of the cameras in order to be sure that all the items are in good condition.

In only a couple of years, you might be surprised to discover that the value of your investment almost doubled. The collectors are always interesting persons and you should learn from them how to appreciate the value of an object. A Rolleiflex is not only a fancy product in an elegant case. It has a special value for the history of photography and, why not, for the history of Europe itself.

Rolleiflex is worth any possible investment and if you already bought the case you should be proud of your choice

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