Big Set of Yashica 124G

Saw this big set of Yashica 124G on ebay… very complete system and truly speaking, I never saw such a complete set. The accessories are in very nice condition.

description by the ebay seller:

Where to start.This is the biggest complex set I’ve ever seen.If you want it all with one stop shopping, this is the set.

Camera is clean with all covers and buttons working,and there are many.

2 triggers for an option to use either to operate the unit.

Nistar Flash works and has 2 leads, 1 is coiled and flashed bright when triggered.Also has original direction book.Contacts are clean and non corroded.

There are viewing lenses 1 and 2 with their own leather cases and in plastic bags .

Yashinon  Wide Angle set of 2 lenses in leather case.

Yashinon Telephoto set of 2 lenses in leather case.

Alpex light meter #44456 was registering light readings and has leather case.Flip up light meter door works great.

Camrex Cambron Polarizer Filter B-30 looks great.

Peak Mono Tone Viewer very nice medium dark brown lens.

Yashika Square attachment I think is for field reduction and light/glare reduction

Metal mount,not sure what it is called but attaches where tripod does and has a vertical fist type grip with safety strap,shown in mostly folded for storage.

There is the Yashica original complete instruction guide/manual.There are so many papers on what to set camera at for specific subjects,what films to use and where and why,what speeds to set for different shooting modes and actions,Helpful hints and tips,what lenses, filters to use where and when.All kinds of information and I didnt get all papers into the pics,there wasnt enough room.

There is a brand new battery that I removed from package to test unit and then put it back into package.

This huge set is 20 pieces counting the carrying case but NOT counting the lens covers and such.


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