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MAMIYA C330F – The Best Mamiya TLR

MAMIYA C330F – magnusslayde.


Description and function of the C330F camera, and it’s capabilities, flaws and quirks.

     The MAMIYA C-330F was the final version of the “C” series cameras built by the MAMIYA camera corporation of JAPAN. The “F” model was the final model produced into 1980 by the MAMIYA corporation, it was a moderatly priced unit that came with an 80mm (normal) lens, that allow professionals, and advanced amateurs to create with a great deal of flexibility and capability in the medium format 6cmX6cm (2.25″x2.25″) square realm. The twin lens system on an extension bellows allowed for extreme closeups without the use of closeup lenses or extensions, and there are a number of accesories available for this camera as well. Here are it’s following abilities;

mamiya c330

  • uses 120 and 200 film
  • Self cocking with film advance on most of the lenses (not on the 180 or 250mm though)
  • Double exposure capable
  • Interchangeable focus screens
  • right angle viewers (porrofinders) available
  • parallax correction devices

     There are a number of safety interlocks to prevent ruining film, or accidental exposures from occuring, until the user get’s used to them, they can be detrimental to action photography, as it’s easy to mis a shot from not setting things just right on the camera. The porro finders also suffered from low light when used, mostly with the mirror type, but some complaints with the prism were heard as well. The lenses are all excellent quality and design, the give supperior photos, usually only seen with German or Russian optics, comparable to the Japanese lenses used in the KONI OMEGA Rapid 100,200 and M series. The lenses available are as follows;

  • 55mm (wide angle) F4.5
  • 65mm (wide angle) F3.5
  • 80mm (normal) F2.8
  • 105mm (normal ,good portrait lens) F3.5                           
  • 135mm  (telephoto) F4.5
  • 180mm (telephoto) F4.5
  • 250mm (telephoto) F6.5

      Some users including myself have found that the 180mm and 250mm old style lenses don’t quite fit the MAMIYA C330F camera, the lens connection is the same, but he aluminum and steel cases of the lenses are just a little too big, and jam the self cocking lever. I have a perfect old style 180mm that I carefully marked with a map pencil as to the area of the case that the cocking lever rubs across when operating, and then ground down the case in that area with a DREMEL rotary tool, and the used sanding cuffs the the dremel to smoooth it out, now the camera works with the lens, and allow the film to advance, with the 180 and 250mm you have to cock the lens manually anyway, so this isn’t a big issue.

Manual for C330F


Photos by Mamiya C330F:

beautiful set about portrait:


Another set about landscape and stills: