Mamiyaflex Models and Production Year



The Mamiyaflex is a series of twin-lens reflex cameras made by Mamiya. The cameras captured twelve 6 cm × 6 cm images on 120 film rolls. The line is the predecessor to the Mamiya C series, which includes the C-330 and C-220.


  • Mamiyaflex Junior (1948)
  • Mamiyaflex Automat A (1949)
  • Mamiyaflex I (1951)
  • Mamiyaflex II (1952)
  • Mamiyaflex Automat B (1954)
  • Mamiyaflex Automat A II (1955)
  • Mamiyaflex Automat B II (1956)
  • Mamiyaflex Automat A III (1956)

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