Gossen Light Meter Overview

Gossen Starlite 2 All-in-One Light Meter
Replacing the Gossen Starlite, the Starlite 2 is Gossen’s latest all-in-one top of the line light meter offering unrivaled capabilities and multiple functions. Three individual meters are specially incorporated into this one precision-measuring instrument: An exposure meter for ambient and flash; A CINE meter for filming; A light measuring instrument for illumination intensities and luminances. Among its many metrological highlights, the Starlite 2 includes a broad range of high performance features for flash measurement. It’s capable of measuring individual flashes, calculating multiple flash illumination and analyzing flash and continuous illumination — even with several flash units in combination. The Starlite 2 provides the user with precise results, even for highly complex tasks.

Gossen Color-Pro 3F Light Meter
The Gossen Color-Pro 3F is specifically designed for measuring the photographic color temperature of flash and ambient light, and to indicate the measured results in degrees Kelvin (K). However, there is much more to it, after comparing the color temperature measured with the pre-selected color temperature of the film, in degrees Kelvin, the COLOR-PRO 3F calculates out the filter values required to achieve photographs without color casts. The resulting filter values can be expressed as light balancing values in Mired or Kodak WrattenTM values. In addition to the above the COLOR-PRO 3F will also indicate in CC filter values the correction required, for example when working with fluorescent lighting.

Gossen Digipro F Light Meter
Slim, sturdy and ready to twist! The Gossen Digipro F is the latest member of Gossen’s family of high-quality exposure meters for digital and analog photography. This high-precision exposure meter for flash and ambient light features a swivel head that makes measuring and reading a breeze for both professional photographers and dedicated amateurs. The stylish, lightweight Digipro F is small enough to sit comfortably in a shirt pocket. It features a user-friendly interface, which can be easily operated with one hand.

Gossen Mavolux 5032C Light Meter
The Mavolux 5032C is a handy, easy to use, highly accurate light meter capable of measuring illumination in either footcandles or lux. Candelas/m2 and footlamberts can also be measured with the optical luminance attachment. The Mavolux 5032C is equipped with color correction, so that its spectral response is matched to that of the human eye. Integrated cosine correction is included in order to ensure that oblique incident light is also evaluated correctly.

Gossen Mavo-Monitor Digital Illumination Level Meter
The Gossen Mavo-Monitor is a precision digital instrument for measuring luminance with the measuring sensor placed directly on a luminous or backlighted surface, for instance monitors (CRT/LCD), TV screens, light boxes, light panels, traffic signs and ground glass. An easy to handle, user-friendly measuring instrument for professional applications in industry and service, for special checks and certified testings according to the existing safety regulations, above all at work stations, in medical and office systems.

Gossen Digisix Light Meter
The Lightmeter that fits in the palm of your hand. Digisix is a Digital/Analog exposure meter. It’s great looking, great value and a true travel companion that’s packed with more features than you’d ever expect. The Digisix is small enough to sit comfortably on your camera’s hot shoe (with optional shoe adapter), and sports a digital read-out and analog scale for ambient light levels that can be measured in reflective or incident mode. Digital read-out in EV is easily transferred to a setting ring where all the shutter speed/f-stop combinations can be read at a glance. But the Digisix doesn’t stop there. Not only is it an exposure meter, but it also offers a functioning clock with alarm, a timer for timing long exposures, plus a precision digital thermometer which measures temperatures and stores a high and low value.

Gossen Digiflash Light Meter
The Digiflash offers all the features of the Digisix meter above, plus the added benefit of taking flash readings with a range of f/2 – f/32 at 100 ISO. The Digiflash is microprocessor controlled and runs on a Lithium battery type CR 2032. The meter weighs approximately 1.5 oz including battery, and comes with a carry case, strap and battery.

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