Mamiya TLR System Summary

Mamiya TLR System Summary – Contents.

Mamiya TLR System Summary

Recent history:

Old history:
Future plans
0 Purpose

1 Models

2 Lenses, General

3 Chrome series lenses

4 Black series lenses

5 Lens handling, exposure compensation, parallax, and performance

6 Accessories – Mamiya

7 Focusing screens

8 Sheet film back

9 Accessories and Conversions – Third-party and adaptations

10 Data Tables

10.1 Close-up Depth of Field Tables
10.2 Depth of Field Table, 55mm
10.3 Depth of Field Table, 65mm
10.4 Depth of Field Table, 80mm
10.5 Depth of Field Table, 105mm
10.6 Depth of Field Table, 135mm
10.7 Depth of Field Table, 180mm
10.8 Depth of Field Table, 250mm
10.9 Hyperfocal Distance Table
11 User hints

12 Published Sources

13 On-line Sources

14 Contributors

15 Glossary

16 Common Problems


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